Pre-Operative Instructions - NorthStarr Cardiothoracic Surgery

Before Your Surgery

What to Expect:

After you have seen your surgeon, your surgery will be scheduled. You may feel nervous or anxious about your upcoming procedure, which is normal. You’ll be scheduled for a pre-operative appointment in the pre-op clinic, which is located near the entrance to Providence Alaska Medical Center. At this appointment, lab work will be obtained, along with any necessary imaging. You’ll meet our patient concierge who will help you navigate your way through the entire peri-operative process. You’ll receive education pamphlets and will be able to ask questions or address concerns. There are many available resources for you to learn more, including these trusted sites listed below.

Society of Thoracic Surgeons Heart Surgery

Society of Thoracic Surgeons Lung and Esophagus Surgery

American Heart Association Heart Bypass Surgery

American Heart Association Heart Valve Surgery

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the evening before your surgery. You will come to the hospital pre-operative area, or PACU, the morning of your scheduled procedure. Any hair will be removed from the area of that incision and you will use a special antibiotic soap to clean the area. You will be wheeled into the operating room from this unit just before your procedure. Once you are in the operating room, your anesthesiologist will give you medications to help you “sleep” through the operation.

Please see specific content regarding your surgery for further information on hospital stay and discharge expectations in Cardiac Services and/or Thoracic Services.


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